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Meet Our North Andover Chiropractors

Dr. Michael Calhoun

“I never thought about being a Chiropractor until I decided to try wrestling in high school.”

In your sophomore year of high school most people have not mapped out their careers. But lying face down on a wrestling mat folded up backwards can make you think!

My third wrestling match was against a prior state champion with a point to make. Within seconds I was lifted up over his head and slammed face down onto the mat. The force was so great that I was bent in half with my rear end hitting me on the back of my head.

Fortunately I did not break anything, but suffered with back pain as a result. When I discovered how chiropractic was able to help eliminate my pain, and improve my overall health I was thrilled. As my interest in health and fitness continued to grow, becoming a chiropractor became a natural choice. Read more…

Dr Linda Haley

Dr. Linda Rose Haley is a 1997 graduate of Palmer Chiropractic College.  She decided to become a chiropractor after attending New Hampshire Institute of Therapeutics Arts for massage therapy.  It was at NHITA that Dr. Haley learned about the body’s innate healing power and was introduced to the world of holistic medicine.

While practicing massage on her clients Dr. Haley noticed that although they left her office loose and relaxed, they would return within a week or two with the same problem.  Remembering how chiropractic care could correct the subluxation or misalignment of the spine and relieve nerve pressure returning the body to homeostasis she decided to return to school and learn more about this healing profession. Read more…

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