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Chiropractors in North Andover : Calhoun Chiropractic

What to Expect

As chiropractors in North Andover our goal is to offer state-of-the-art chiropractic care in a comfortable surrounding. New patients often remark how friendly our staff is, and how bright the office is with large windows and relaxing music.

Your First Visit to Our North Andover Practice

Our office is equipped with electronic medical records so if you have not filled in your paperwork on-line, you will be able to move through a menu driven system at our new patient kiosk and fill in all the appropriate information. After your paperwork is completed, you will be shown a short 5 minute video while Dr. Calhoun reviews your information.

Your Chiropractic Consultation

The initial consultation is directed to discuss your health goals and see if Dr. Calhoun is likely to help you, if it looks promising then we will proceed with your examination

Initial evaluations include a review of the condition and history that has brought you to the office. A physical examination includes vital signs, focused examination of the area of your complaint, and of your entire spine. You may have any or all of the following evaluations performed to understand your condition:

  • postural evaluation
  • performed functional movement and or coordination evaluation
  • foot scan or functional pronation evaluation
  • Surface EMG
  • Paraspinal Thermography evaluation

If your condition warrants additional studies: X-rays, MRI, CT, Diagnostic Ultrasound, then you will be given orders to have them performed at an appropriate center. If you have any diagnostic studies that have been done in the area of your complaint – please bring them and the reports with you to your first visit.

In many cases your initial visit will include a report of our examination findings and recommendations for your condition. In some cases additional diagnostic studies or prior records are needed to determine appropriate care.

Click for information on your follow up visits or call Calhoun Chiropractic to get your questions answered!

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