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Apos® Therapy

Apos shoesWould you like to walk without pain or engage in your favorite sport comfortably? You can by using the uniquely designed AposHealth shoes, developed in Israel. Utilizing state-of-the-art biomechanical and neuromuscular approaches, the custom-tailored AposHealth footworn devices give patients the power to move!

How Do They Work?

On the bottom of these devices are two round convex elements that create a change in the way the muscles of the lower body work. There are two on each shoe: one on the front and one toward the back. These elements are specifically chosen and positioned for the individual patient’s issues. Wearing the shoes, standing or walking, changes the way a person uses their kinetic chain to stand and move. This takes pressure off of the injured area of joints and reduces pain. Because the biomechanical elements are convex, it challenges their balance, which stimulates muscular coordination that is pain relieving.

When you stand in the shoes, it allows you to use the muscles of your lower extremities in a manner that offloads the pressure on the joints, so when you put them on, you can stand up without pain. When you walk around, it starts to change the way you use the muscles, so your brain unconsciously learns how to walk without creating pain.

Over time, by wearing the devices an hour a day, you change the way you move, so you can eliminate the pain even when you’re not wearing them.

Conditions That Can Be Addressed

Those with the following can benefit from AposHealth footwear:

  • Knee pain (moderate to severe)
  • Hip pain
  • Back pain

Benefits for Athletes

We chose to offer the footwear, as we see many athletes at the practice. Many of them are no longer as athletic as they’d like to be because of back, hip, and knee pain.

These shoes give us one avenue to treat our athletic patients, where we can help them alleviate their pain and get them back to being more active.

-Dr. Calhoun

What to Expect

The process begins with an in-depth clinical consultation of your condition reviewing pain levels, things that make the problem worse, activities that irritate and day-to-day restrictions. Then a gait analysis is performed visually and utilizing a phone based gait analysis app. The findings are discussed, the shoes are modified for the patient’s condition and gait. The next gait check will show how much improvement is made. After several alterations the devices are customized to the patient and a personalized home based treatment program will be prescribed.

Over the next year five additional visits are scheduled to make modifications to the biomechanical elements to further correct the movement and gait.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does insurance cover these shoes?

Because of the robust research behind AposHealth, Blue Cross in Massachusetts pays for the therapy. You may be eligible for coverage under your private medical insurance plan.

How long do I need to wear the shoes each day?

You start wearing them for about 10 minutes a day, and you’re not standing the whole time. You wear them for five minutes when standing, and then you can sit down. You’ll want to slowly build up to wearing them for an hour a day while you go about your daily routine.

Can I wear them every day?

Yes, you can continue wearing them for as long as you want. It is important to ease into this process or the muscles may become very sore and slow your progress.

Can I exercise while wearing them?

You can get to advanced levels where you do some exercises to further strengthen the kinetic chain. Many people don’t have to get to that level to experience the satisfaction of being out of pain.

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