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About Calhoun Chiropractic

Dr. Calhoun has been delivering quality chiropractic care for the past 20 years. In 1990 Dr. Calhoun built a wonderful practice and sold it to a local hospital with the goal of moving to New England. His wife is from Andover and this area is where she wanted to live. Since Dr. Calhoun had always enjoyed both summers on Cape Cod and winters skiing on the mountains of New England the idea was appealing to him.

On September 4th of 2007, Dr. Calhoun opened his practice here in the town of North Andover, MA. He has had a great time with the fine people of this area! “Starting a chiropractic clinic after being in practice for 17 years gave me an opportunity to create exactly the practice that I wanted. I got to ask myself the question, ‘If I could do it over what would I change’ and so I created a patient centered sports based practice.”

A Unique Chiropractic Office

Chiropractor in North Andover, states, “My practice is unique in that everything in the office process is designed around improving your issues and health on your terms. Your treatment recommendations are explained so you know why we are doing what we are doing, and what I expect to see from the treatments. We offer information for home treatments when it is appropriate, home exercises and modifications to make your recovery a lifelong experience.”

Dr. Calhoun specializes in staying current with the most advanced treatments available.

Calhoun Chiropractic offers the following services:

  • Highly skilled chiropractic spinal adjustments of the spine and extremities provided through many available techniques
  • Joint mobilization
  • Soft tissue treatments – pin and stretch (active release), Graston, FAKTR
  • Therapeutic exercises – and training for home exercise routines including McKenzie protocols and band-assisted joint mobilization methods.
  • Therapeutic modalities: electrical stimulation, intersegmental traction, extension traction, Marc Pro
  • Dietary supplement guidance


Helping athletes reach their peak performance

If you are an athlete looking to improve in your performance give Calhoun Chiropractic a call. Our first stage in this process is to look at your mechanics and see what needs to be changed (tight hips, poor foot mechanics, bad knee placement with jumping/squatting, etc.) as we work together to correct the big issues and start providing adjustments to reduce nervous stress. We can focus on injury avoidance and proper healing of any present limitations or injuries. The enjoyable part of this treatment is when these athletes are motivated and notice when things are working correctly

Our caring and considerate team is available to answer your questions and help in any way. Contact our North Andover chiropractic office today and let us help you live a long healthy life.


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