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Snow Shoveling Tips

Choose a Shovel that Works with Your Body


  • An ergonomic snow shovel will help take the stress off your back and make your snow shoveling a much easier task.
  • A shovel that has an adjustable handle will minimize your need to bend.
  • Avoid keeping your knees straight and arching your back, which can cause unnecessary stress on your lower back.

Warm up before your head out

  • A brief warm up and light stretch/mobilization session can help you avoid injuring yourself when you head out to shovel
  • Remember to loosen up your shoulders and hips.

Using Proper Lifting Technique

  • Face the pile of snow you intend to lift. Keep your body square toward the snow you’re above to pick up with the shovel.
  • Bend your knees and hips so you’re not relying on your lower back to do all the work. Lift with your leg muscles and keep your back straight to avoid stress on the muscles supporting your spine.
  • Keep each load of snow you’re lifting light.
  • When lifting a shovel full of snow, grip the shovel with one hand close to the blade and keep the other hand on the handle.
  • Avoid twisting your back when you’re moving the snow. Keep your nose over your toes and pivot your body together to face the new direction in which you’re moving.
  • Keep the load of snow close to your body. Do not reach out to throw the snow to a new location.
  • Walk to the new location to deposit the load of snow rather than reaching or twisting your back to toss it.

Drink a lot of water!!

  • The cold air rapidly depletes your body of fluids and even though you don’t feel like your sweating you end up dehydrated.  Being dehydrated will make you more likely to be injured.
  • Take frequent breaks

If you feel like you have injured yourself – don’t hesitate to call and get checked out.


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