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Massage Therapy in North Andover

Woman getting a massage.Like chiropractic, massage therapy is a natural, noninvasive way to promote better health and wellness. Massage involves the use of rhythmic strokes, kneading and friction techniques to promote general and muscular relaxation, improve circulation and reduce tension. The process provides a variety of benefits:

  • Allows the body to reach a deeper state of relaxation
  • Helps improve cellular nutrition
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Detoxifies the body to promote healing
  • Improves joint function
  • Relieves pain
  • Improves flexibility and balance

Who can benefit from massage therapy?
Massage is ideal for athletes seeking improved recovery from workouts or competition, as well as anyone who seeks more relaxation and reduced stress.

What techniques for massage are used in your practice?
We offer a range of techniques from Swedish classic relaxation massage to deep tissue procedures. Our therapists have their own specialties in massage so clients can book a massage with the therapist that fits their needs.

How should a new massage client prepare for their visit?
Come ready to relax and make sure you drink lots of water to help flush the released toxins out of your system. Your body will thank you.

What makes massage different in our office? How is our approach different than others?
Our massage therapists are all well-trained and skilled and have direct access to the doctors, which allows us to coordinate patient care for specific issues.

As a Sports Chiropractic office, we have strived to provide exceptional evidence-based care for athletes and athletic adults. Athletes frequently seek more rapid recovery and the benefits of quality massage. Providing the service at the office makes it possible to address the various needs of our patients all at one place. Being centrally located between Andover and North Andover, Massachusetts makes massage convenient and accessible for those living in the area.

Experience the refreshing and relaxing difference that massage provided at our office can make in your life. Book today to schedule an appointment!

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