Coronavirus Message


What you need to know:

At Calhoun Chiropractic PC we are dedicated to the highest standards of safety, comfort and well-being for our staff and patients. As our entire community addresses the COVID-19 situation, we want to review some changes that have been made in our office. We are currently remaining open for business for our patients, but at a reduced volume and shortened hours as long as it is safe for us to do so. Due to these circumstances we may be short staffed at times, so if you are trying to come in and you have not been called back, you may text Dr. Calhoun directly at (978) 270-7494.

We are following the ever changing CDC guidelines to ensure that our office is a safe place.

For Our Patients

  1. If you are not feeling well we ask that you reschedule your appointment. If you have any of these symptoms, or a close family member is sick, please do not enter the office and call to reschedule:
    • flu-like symptoms
    • fever
    • cough
    • shortness of breath
    • fatigue
  2. If you are joined by a spouse, family member or friend we ask that they drop you off and pick you up for treatment but please do not join you in the clinic for your treatment. We are creating a space that allows for social distancing in the office.
  3. We have removed all non-essential items from the reception area and separated the chairs to allow for distancing. If you would like to wait in your car and be texted when the office is clear for you to come in please let us know.
  4. Follow the government and CDC guidelines and requests for social distancing. This is extremely important to healthcare providers who are at a higher risk trying to serve their patients. Please keep us safe!

Things to do for yourself at Home

    1. Viruses hate humid air, which is one reason they disappear when the weather warms up. You could use a humidifier or take a hot shower for now.
    2. Drink plenty of liquids, mainly water
    3. Get 7+ hours of sleep every night.
    4. Minimize stress because stress weakens your immune system
    5. Get out into the fresh air and walk
    6. Get adjusted, adjustments help to reduce neurologic irritation and assist in improving posture. Both of theses help to keep your immune system firing on all cylinders
    7. Supplements we recommend to help your immune system fight the virus:
      • Vitamin D moderate daily dosage (5,000 IU – 10,000 IU/day) Blood levels of 60-90 are recommended. Excellent resource for information is:
      • Quercetin 1000 mg + Vitamin C + Niacin – this combination has been shown to:
        • Reduce virus ability to infect cells
        • Inhibiting virus growth in cells

“Cyclists who received a daily dose of 1,000 mg of quercetin in combination with vitamin C (which enhances plasma quercetin levels) and niacin (to improve absorption) for five weeks were significantly less likely to contract a viral illness after bicycling three hours a day for three consecutive days, compared to untreated controls. While 45% of the placebo group got sick, only 5% of the treatment group did.”

    • Vitamin C (at least 1000mg/day)
    • If online ordering works for you – visit our online portal.Purchase products through our Fullscript virtual dispensary.

Our Staff

  1. We will not come in if we are not feeling well – this could cause a sudden disruption of the office but is our “new normal” for the present time.
  2. Drs. will be wearing gloves and may be wearing face masks (provided they are available). Face masks are primarily to help ensure that no asymptomatic exposure occurs. (Although facemasks are questionable for prevention for the wearer – they benefit the people around the wearer).
  3. We are being very diligent about keeping our office clean and wiping down all surfaces between patients.
  4. We are practicing social distancing outside of our clinic. We are doing our very best to keep our environment safe.


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